Twelve Taobao wireless turnover ratio reached 45 8%

– Taobao wireless total turnover accounted for more than 45.8%. Compared with the 42.6% caliber and ten digital, wireless turnover ratio continued to rise. Taobao CEO Zhang Jianfeng believes that this year’s hot – that "Taobao has become a way of life". Alipay from online go to the next line.

either before going to sleep with the mobile phone crazy baby moms seconds, still keen on car cleaning maintenance man to help, even the Alipay wallet mounted on the 1212 day to go to the supermarket "shopping spree" uncle aunt who feel the same this year – with the previous year.

in addition to the online commodity service discounts online, 2 of thousands of stores, nearly 100 brands to participate in the activities of twelve, on that day in December 12th with Alipay wallet payment can call 50 percent off (preferential 50 yuan cap), covering restaurants, desserts, bakeries, supermarkets, convenience stores and many other places of daily consumption.

is to attract promotions and stimulate fresh payment, all Chinese supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and taxi today ushered in the lines, the line is more active in the elderly population.

– day 8, Taobao mobile phone "national lottery campaign officially started, a lottery is to receive 240 thousand minutes, to 14:15, within 6 hours of the 13 million 230 thousand note lottery was all away. And a 80 after a friend to help open the color after the success of ten million yuan prize, becoming the most fortunate participants.

Taobao President Zhang Jianfeng said, " has gone through 11 years, is no longer a traditional shopping platform, and into a comprehensive service life platform, provide a richer life consumption for users, for many people, Taobao is a way of life. With the advent of the mobile era, we will make full use of the advantages of the mobile terminal, reshape the electricity supplier, reshape life."

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