The next day after pushing Tmall to challenge the Jingdong to buy buy buy

reporter learned yesterday, Tmall will service from the 16 th of this month officially opened the next day delivery. According to Tmall’s new "Tmall next day" service specification, for a "next day" logo or words of goods, businesses will be in the 23:59:59 for the user on the goods, that is to say, to "Tmall buy buy buy for you, second days after the goods can.

it is understood that in this spell logistics services, Tmall’s most powerful opponent is Jingdong. Jingdong has started to gradually realize the import of goods from the next day service to self built logistics, earlier than Tmall. As early as in April 2010, it has officially launched the "211 limit" service, that is, before the order of 11 points a day, in the afternoon delivery; orders before the end of 23, the next morning to serve.

although many courier companies on Tmall platform, such as Shen Tong, Tong, rhyme, express every day, etc., but generally slow logistics. With the increase in online shopping consumers demand for logistics speed, express delivery too often will cause consumers Tucao online shopping and dissatisfaction. Therefore, the quality of domestic e-commerce platform to enhance the courier service is imminent, including the efficiency of the courier.

analysis of the industry, through the upcoming next day service, Tmall will have a certain pressure to the Jingdong, and the Jingdong has been proud of its own services probably will be subjected to the threat of Tmall. But there are voices that market, Tmall is about to launch the next day service, a very small, and there are many restrictions, such as: you cannot change delivery address, can not contact, no collection etc..

in addition, due to the courier company on Tmall too much, Ali does not have its own logistics facilities, it is difficult to regulate those courier companies, especially some small courier companies. Whether it is the quality of the courier practitioners, or logistics operations, have to be improved. (intern reporter Zhang Qianlan)

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rival Jingdong push the next day

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