The electricity supplier to prevent burn in the winter to kill

winter theory is being filled, the domestic electricity supplier companies are also in the harsh environment of winter, recalling the development process of the entire electricity supplier market. In the fierce competition in the electricity supplier, but they try to win the business, the quality of different products, price, performance and other aspects of the comparison. Thus resulting in the management of the electricity supplier market chaos and chaotic development environment. After various phenomena proved that domestic electricity supplier market, due to various factors, there are many problems in the development of the congenitally deficient. For the time being, we discard these ideas, from the consumer’s psychology, it is not difficult to find, in the final analysis is the rule of interest under the high-voltage line.

The development of the

circle nowadays electricity supplier, if not complete "marketing management" mechanism, price, quality and other issues that how to control the products? The current electricity supplier companies are to burn in the development, reduce the additional costs in the sale of goods into is feasible. Expensive advertising costs have been so that the electricity supplier companies crumbling, coupled with the logistics, personnel, the cost of the investment so that the electricity supplier business is worse, and now there are many domestic websites have closed down phenomenon.

look at the transformation of the electricity supplier, said the individual ultimately feel that the Internet can not leave alone the relevant industries, and ultimately will return to maximize the application of the network strategy. Like domestic group purchase enterprises decline trend, the value of error, market analysis, financial estimates and so on choice, finally only failed to burn type to fall.


why don’t we start with the mentality of consumers, the development of the domestic price class website, we can see that the market seems to be a perfect ecosystem. All kinds of product information transparency as the target, more detailed information for consumers to directly understand the products, can provide consumers with more detailed reference information than the store, but also can develop a more rigorous evaluation system.

dimensional easy network said: "the online mall to consumers in the purchase of products can quickly find the products they need, but also in reducing the cost of store operations plays an important role, greatly avoid the unnecessary cost of consumption, so that consumers really enjoy the benefits."

but often counterproductive, the major domestic electricity providers who have been in the low quality and low quality of the battlefield you fight for me. To make all kinds of products are sold in the form of a gimmick, expensive advertising trades but is not the quality of the challenge of the enterprise, cannot withstand a single blow. Has been in the growth and development of this strategy, even grow up just like that, why would a badly frightened person, the quality of customer service and service management of energy and money into the product.

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