The business enterprise into their habit of implicit marketing is the purpose

business since the Jingdong, the industry started to warm up, while today the Jingdong and Taobao fire, while another is the Jingdong and Suning, Gome electricity supplier 3C war, as Jingdong Liu Qiangdong said, oneself is to become the electricity supplier spoiler, which is also a spoiler, the variety of behavior more and more by their competitors, this began to "Jingdong said’s cash flow problems, will not be the price war" such information in their fight, Tesco four anniversary anniversary, began to force promotion, from this attack process, can only take a a news photogenic gimmick, which will sell their four anniversary.

is not good

is Suning’s next-generation integrated B2C online shopping platform, it is also by Suning Appliance visibility to rapid development. Now online shopping online and common items are also diverse, making has become one of the website consumers buy home appliances, 3C appliances, daily necessities and other categories.’s ambition is within three years to build a China largest home appliance 3C B2C website. as the online shopping platform, using the virtual economy, virtual economy and no store support is difficult to develop, Suning B2C has the advantage of the real economy and the virtual economy together, common development. So, is relatively mature in the retail, procurement and customer service service, also decided in the future development may be better.

Jingdong mall is China’s largest 3C market B2C professional online shopping platform, is one of the most popular and most influential e-commerce websites in the field of e-commerce in china. The development and achievement of the Jingdong store is obvious to people, by virtue of its rich variety of goods and quasi between logistics and distribution system and the price of these three points determine consumer buying behavior important advantage, win the market share for many years ranked first in the industry of remarkable achievements. The country’s two largest electricity supplier companies, Alibaba and Jingdong mall, in last year’s transaction volume growth rate of Alibaba is still significantly worse than Jingdong mall.

Jingdong to combat opponents into marketing means


mall has a reputation and strength is very strong, so why Jingdong also mall’s cash flow? Jingdong store might have felt the pressure on, so to combat competitors. In a field, always "one mountain can not accommodate all Jingdong," mall to take "be prepared" strategy to combat later may in person. However, the development of Jingdong mall should not make some things to suppress It is sheer fiction. This is as a counter measures, and to take practical action to prove that Jingdong mall remarks is wrong.


does not exist what the so-called cash flow problem, but in the business operation mode and Jingdong apparently still not in.

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