Anti spam agency suggested that CANN cancel the new network registration

DoNews June 24th news (reporter Xiao Kefeng) in June 24th, according to foreign media reports, the anti spam agency Knujon recently accused ICANN (ICANN) to prevent spam sites ineffective, and suggested that the abolition of Beijing new network registrar qualification.

Knujon in a report submitted to the ICANN said, the vast majority of spam sites from 20 American ICANN certification and the overseas registered business, the new network, Chinese from BEIJINGNN, the top three Internet era. The registrar is suspected of providing false or incomplete domain name holder information to facilitate the use of garbage sites.

Knujon said, they found that 11000 of spam sites through the investigation of new network registration, ending in May 2008 six months, these false information has been corrected, and more garbage through their website is registered, the number of about 100 a day. Therefore, they suggested that ICANN before the new network to solve the problem of the cancellation of its registration.

ICANN said that they have received reports submitted by Knujon, is currently stepping up the investigation, it is convenient to comment.

new network and Internet era in an interview with reporters, said it is still unknown.

            6.23-6.28;   domain name activity week

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