Radio and television version of e commerce enclosure TV shopping mode dispute

broadcasting, TV shopping, the looming battle mode.

October 16th, the Southern family shopping platform "Southern media group and Shanghai Oriental media group’s joint venture TVS Oriental Oriental Shopping Shopping" will be officially launched, it will use the southern television set TVS3 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. to 5 hours a day of live TV shopping program. While the southern broadcasting media group will also use the wired network broadcasting 24 hours of TV shopping channel.

happy shopping in the country’s more than and 300 city while landing, but more than 80% of its revenue comes from Hunan, and the expansion of the Oriental Shopping although slower, but the mode of joint venture expansion effect is better, so either profit or the scale of Oriental Shopping are more and more big gap with rivals." September 25th, general manager of Guangdong Southern home shopping Co., Ltd. Bao Wei told reporters.

Oriental Shopping and Hunan radio and television’s happy purchase is currently the top two domestic TV shopping. Among them, launched in April 2004 last year the Eastern Shopping revenue of about 5 billion yuan, accounting for about 1/6 of the national TV shopping sales volume of about 30000000000 yuan. And followed the 2006 launch of Happigo, its revenue exceeded 2 billion 800 million yuan last year. In addition, last year also won the Happigo Hony capital, CITIC Industrial Investment Fund, Sequoia Capital, a total of 330 million yuan of investment, which is the largest investment in the TV shopping industry.

We chose cooperation with Oriental Shopping

", not only because it has SARFT issued a nationwide TV shopping operation license, more important is optimistic about their management team and benefit sharing mode of cooperation." Zhou Wei, chairman of Guangdong Southern home shopping company.

Bao Wei said that at present the Oriental Shopping although only through joint ventures or cooperation with local TV stations in Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shandong, Gansu and other places to carry out cross regional expansion, from the coverage of user groups with the Happigo gap, but its operating effect is better, a happy purchase completely show the world the results are poor, most of its current income still comes from Hunan, and other Oriental Shopping Shanghai income ratio is close to 40%, according to the regional differences in the establishment of the program also received recognition of the advertising business.

Zhang Dazhong, vice president of

, Shanghai, said in 2011, Oriental Shopping sales will exceed 8 billion yuan, accounting for nearly half of Shanghai’s overall sales. The Oriental Shopping success and from South Korea’s management team, and the first joint venture CJ O Korea Oriental Shopping Shopping Asia is the first home shopping company, the team is in the key area of Shanghai Oriental Shopping success.

Bao Wei said that the total investment of the establishment of the Southern family shopping reached 150 million yuan, will build the new customer service call and service network, and logistics center, "we have to do the first loss in four years of preparation, because we need to let consumers in Guangdong.

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