The pharmaceutical business and see five major stumbling block has not been resolved

pharmaceutical electricity providers face prescription sources, logistics and distribution, Medicare payment, potential risks, profit model, such as the five major problems

editor’s note: in home appliances, clothing etc. categories electricity providers already popular occasion, it is the pharmaceutical business got up early to catch a late set. Whether it is Internet Co, or traditional pharmaceutical companies, have not yet large-scale force. What is the reason, so that these enterprises face such a huge cake, it is difficult to mouth it?

newspaper trainee reporter Aman Chang

in the release of prescription drugs sold under the net expected incentive, in each capital stampede in the pharmaceutical business.

Wind data show that, at present, the domestic A shares layout medicine electricity supplier has 12 listed companies, namely Shanghai medicine, Kyushu, the first medicine, Conba, Health America pharmaceutical, Sinopharm shares, as one church, Yiling pharmaceutical, Jia Tong, Tai Tong, Haihong holdings, Intel group etc.. In addition, Huarun group owns online pharmacies and health network, shop No. 1, Ali health, the three online shopping mall platform Jingdong have been online drug sales "ticket", on this potential gold mine "eager for a fight".

however, in China, the pharmaceutical electricity supplier is still in the dark stage before dawn, the parties are feeling the stones across the river. Prescription drug policy and health insurance policy has not yet landed, we are still waiting." An online pharmacy responsible person told reporters.

in addition, according to an observer, the current online pharmacy is not the protagonist of the drug, but medical devices.

it is worth noting that the prescription drugs online sales ban is still some chain pharmacies and other enterprises opposed. When this policy landing, the parties are still waiting.

capital layout pharmaceutical electricity supplier

last year, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the Internet food and drug supervision and management approach draft, intends to release the online pharmacies prescription drug sales. The news caused widespread concern in the market. It is understood that the United States accounted for 30% of U.S. pharmaceutical electricity supplier retail sales in 2013, sales of up to $74 billion 300 million. Some analysts believe that once the prescription drugs online shopping market opening, means that the market will expand from China’s pharmaceutical business currently nearly 200 billion yuan for one trillion yuan.

, however, as of now, the relevant policies are not landing. But the brightest capital is looking forward to this high, have been digging pharmaceutical electricity supplier.

it is understood that the relevant listed companies to take the acquisition of existing pharmaceutical electricity supplier platform cut into the field. In December 4, 2014, Conba announced intends to cash 271 million yuan transferee Zhejiang Zhencheng medicine online Limited by Share Ltd 30.81% shares; in 2014 September, Tai Tong announced the price of 350 million yuan to buy 100% stake kang’ai. In addition, some listed companies to develop their own electricity supplier business. Last year, Jia Tong announcement said, in order to adapt to the development of the pharmaceutical market, expanding the company’s pharmaceutical business, the company decided to a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing.

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