Online shop experience anti season marketing to create business opportunities

clothing, gifts, decorations and so on have a strong seasonal season is whether the goods have no market? In the traditional network market may be so, but on the Internet these season commodity is the sales of foreign trade business. Of course, a wide range of foreign commodity market season, but there are many difficulties to do foreign trade online. But generally speaking the season against the general merchandise clearance price is very low, so for many beginners do not need large investment.

in Beijing in late September is autumn, Wang Jing in the online clothing store purchase are busy in a variety of styles of T-shirts and skirts. These have been the season of clothing in the eyes of Wang Jing is keen on buyers in the international market, in particular, has just entered the summer of the southern hemisphere countries, but also a big buyer of clothing online Wang Jing. Wang Jing said that within a year from September 2004, her foreign trade customers grew by nearly 100%.

in December 2004, a chance, Wang Jing put a few summer wearing a jacket to log in to the list of goods, but was surprised to find that some of the buyers in the tropical countries quickly snapped up empty. In the next few foreign trade experience in Wang Jing, due to the different regions and seasons, from summer to winter dress thick cotton will have foreign buyers to patronize. "Winter clothes for sale in summer, of course, the cost is low." She was quite pleased with the off-season business she found. And the fact that she made the right decision: the store’s anti season clothes are very popular.

because of the time difference, most of the foreign buyers are browsing the website at night, exchange information. According to Wang Jing a specially arranged for their work during the day time, purchase, pictures, login items, evening buyers answer questions, awfully busy every day but everything in good order and well arranged. "I always show up when they need me."

business secrets

highlight the price advantage

and some sellers only processed images to attract guests of the practice, and after almost every distant guests for the first time, Wang Jing will be on the MSN video showing the kind of goods to buyers with selection. She will be very carefully for buyers all the time and expense analysis of mail order, and sometimes asked friends who go abroad to pick up the past, for buyers to save postage. "Because I sell clothes and a lot cheaper than abroad, coupled with the more believe me, they are willing to wait, every time I buy a few dozens."

is also the price of cheap anti season advantage. General manufacturers are in the summer before the arrival of the summer clothing clearance, and clothing store will advance in the fall before the arrival of new goods into the summer and autumn goods qingdiao. Which season clothing clearance prices are generally very low, even down to the original price of 1-2 fold.

pay attention to emotional communication

in the operation of young clothing, Wang Shou Shou Shou their own unique, each piece of clothing has its own style and taste, "each"

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