How to advance the future plant network

below is the search grid operation, for reference only. I hope the industry a lot of exchange

most of the plant network is still stuck in the traditional mode of operation of the intermediary companies. Information audit fees, broker stores, membership fees, advertising fees, etc.. But in fact, consumers are too realistic, if necessary, the cost of 200 thousand of the car to buy it is not melancholy. However, in order to allow users to spend membership fees, and even 1 yuan / month membership fee has not been spent. Especially in the ranks of the plant network, free information all over the world. Charging information will go from here?

search grid concept is to allow users to spend a penny, but you can see the most real direct contact information release. Only rely on advertising to maintain the normal expenditure of the website. Some people will ask this to make money? Can continue to operate it?

I can tell you for sure now, the site itself is a money losing industry, especially in the operation of company website. The initial investment in the grid is very large. If you want to profit, your site is necessary for the early stage, with a certain amount of traffic, a certain amount of membership. You will be able to maintain steady growth.

In fact, there are many

now need to develop a profit model for the Internet, the industry wants to get the better. It is not only the industry, we share together, grow together, the development of this industry will have better.

have time we can look at the search grid, mutual exchange.

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