Electricity supplier operations and Taobao store operations experience sharing


guests: Shen Haibo, 28 members of the founding team, public welfare training phase I, group leader two. Be engaged in the operation of electronic commerce, have rich experience in the operation of Taobao.

How to improve the credibility of the initial

shop, looking for a friend to buy if there is nothing to pay attention to, such as low volume, high conversion rate is not the right to be reduced?

Shen Haibo: each store category is not the same, the corresponding customer groups are not the same, their standing in the perspective of customers shop, you can find out where you want to modify, such as children’s clothing, you buy BB words, would you consider what, want to see what. Etc.. About Taobao down the right thing, as long as they made to do it is not easy to drop the right.


business operation and the advantages and disadvantages of each Taobao store in what local manufacturers how to choose not supply shop home and how to choose and how to create their own electricity supplier or Taobao store brand

Shen Haibo: Tmall marketing platform is a good platform for buyers and sellers to find goods distribution, build on the brand, this topic is too big, small sellers, void. Can learn from the use of some excellent Amoy brand practice. Or the goods first to Maihao, do brand.


months of Taobao, too many feelings, because the price of old customers one by one to go, some shops sell is particularly low, than I get the goods prices even lower, encountered such a situation how to do


Shen Haibo: for small sellers, I think the price is the most unwise choice. According to their own profits to sell. In order to survive, no money, how to talk about development. And push other people’s brand. Most of the manufacturers do, others are Jiwanshiwan purchase, own tens of thousands, with the price is certainly not the same, policies are not the same. Select suppliers, but also try to choose those price monitoring, support more manufacturers.


a lot of people say that today’s electricity supplier and Taobao operating threshold is not high, but the operation is easier said than done, it is difficult to make a profit, I do not know what to say about the guests, the electricity supplier, Taobao operators from which direction.

Shen Haibo: it is precisely because the threshold is not high, the competition is big. Outsiders will never see what is inside, just talking. I think small sellers, all for the purpose of profit is the most reliable operation. Electricity supplier is the most important traffic, no traffic, the other is unrealistic, there are a lot of ways to get traffic sources, SEO ‘advertising, events, Taobao’s natural search rankings, are needed to learn,



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