Jingdong’s first disclosure of the financial layout of the end of the payment business line

Tang Xunfang

in the balance of treasure Internet Financial agitation "pond", Jingdong in Internet banking is also a breakthrough.

July 30th, a Jingdong financial business of Internet financial industry sources told reporters that at present, the test in the Jingdong of supply chain finance has accumulated about billions of dollars in loans, these loans are short-term loans of not more than 1 months, the loan interest rate is lower than 10% (years).

on the same day, Jingdong mall founder, CEO Liu Qiangdong told this reporter that Jingdong has set up a financial group, in addition to the proprietary platform for suppliers, the future will be expanded to POP open platform.

held in July 29th the Jingdong POP open platform conference, group vice president of Jingdong financial Fan Wei made it clear that the future for POP sellers on the platform, the Jingdong will provide micro credit loans, loans flowing, guaranteed loans, notes, accounts receivable financing, domestic factoring and other financial services.

in the next 10 years, Jingdong will also be a new growth point of financial services, the construction of electricity providers, Internet banking, logistics operations, technology platforms, such as the construction of a new economic empire.

to pay for the transformation of small loans

at the end of this year, Jingdong payment will be formally launched." Kui Yingchun, general manager of Jingdong open platform business, told reporters that after the line can open up buyers, sellers account, the user experience will be fundamentally changed. In the future, Alipay, Jingdong have to pay, for instance, envelopes, wallet, and balance treasure such products.

Kui Ying Chun said the payment tool is a relatively mature product, the Jingdong is not a problem in the development of technology. Currently, Jingdong to pay for the underlying structure of the adjustment.

at the end of October 2012, Jingdong had purchased mall electronic payment service provider of online banking online, in order to obtain the third party payment license. Kui Ying Chun said, after the Jingdong launched their own payment instruments, can significantly reduce the cost of payment.

payment, Jingdong is also actively break through the supply chain finance. Jingdong CMO blue ye said, the supply chain finance according to the supplier, the needs of partners, need some time. At present, the detailed financial product design, IT system development is still in progress.

, a Jingdong financial services department close to the Internet banking industry, told reporters that Jingdong’s suppliers about 100 thousand, of which there are loan demand. Currently, the average amount of loans issued at 2 million -300 million, the larger the amount.

this size is not micro loans, but small loans". According to a person in charge of the enterprise B2B Internet financial Jingdong said, there are many 3C suppliers, big capital scale, the cash flow is tight, but the business flow of health, so pulled up the Jingdong financial loan amount.

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