Micronet micro network high force luxury electricity supplier also can become Deep Fried Chicken wit

this year electricity supplier frenzy sweeping the industry, even the traditional high force luxury is also difficult to resist the magic of the Internet and to snatch war. This is not nonsense, just experienced eleven of Mr. Liu, but have the right to speak. Mr. Liu is a Shenzhen jewelry chain operations director, for a second tier city main personalized jewelry, 5 years ago, their company has just started, after several years of development, currently in the country already has 68 stores, and two years ago, they only have 25 stores. So frequently cold in the physical store case, what makes them so emboldened to



, according to Mr. Liu, the jewelry industry, the store will still be the main sales channel, but did not want to so fast layout so many offline stores, will do so simply because the online channel support so that they have emboldened the rapid expansion. As a junior high, they started when faced with fierce competition in the industry has been operating for many decades old jewelry enterprises, when they have the questions, that is their advantage is what? By the store to "head" is not a good choice, there are what method can in the fierce competition in the "Deus ex


two years ago, he met Micronet micro network marketing manager Zhang, two people talk to let Mr. Liu want to understand the problem. Many of the old jewelry enterprises they have deep market for many years, customers for the brand awareness and strong adhesion, long-term business let these giants occupy most of the market share, however, these big brands are often not very targeted customer groups; and Mr. Liu’s jewelry brand compared with these big brands pay more attention to the design concept, originality this is personalized, and young people to pursue self agree without prior without previous consultation, to highlight the personality of demand, if according to this piece of the market to dig for why not a good strategy? In other words, the more targeted market is better than the control? As long as the choice of young people love the way to do precision marketing, may be able to do more with less.


so, under the technical support of Micronet microgrid, they opened their own online independent mall. On the one hand, they spread through the mall channels to promote brand image, enhance exposure; on the other hand, multi-channel operation can be more effective, more targeted to reach more consumer groups.

using Micronet micro network O2O branch model, marketing system stores online mall and offline data docking, do online and offline membership, order synchronization, a mall can easily manage multiple stores. At the same time, O2O model can also integrate all the mall store sales data, as long as the analysis can understand the characteristics of different consumer groups and shopping habits, this

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