Alibaba shares star urgent e commerce logistics is the arrival of the era

talk about the stars in fact, a lot of people do not listen to a lot of people did not hear, if it is not linked to the Alibaba, then, the Alibaba stake will not cause the attention of the industry as a whole. If the stars will be anxious or unknown words, then its former club is really big, the stars will be anxious to founder is from the giant ZJS express logistics industry, but the stars will be anxious for the whole logistics industry, especially the courier industry is still quite deep understanding, otherwise Alibaba also disdain.

today, not to discuss that Alibaba shares the stars will be anxious to star effect, but by what is behind this event, on the whole Chinese e-commerce development and factors restricting the rapid development of electronic commerce Chinese, this is our focus. The National Day holiday just after release, keen on online shopping lovers, the festival for them is the devil, whether it is a website, if you encounter festival goods must be send out, which also affects one of the necessary conditions for consumers shopping. Why do we say that the current e-commerce spell is logistics, logistics in the electronic commerce accounted for in the end how much, the cost of logistics to the electricity supplier how much impact, logistics to the electricity supplier experience how much impact?

for the electronic commerce industry, electronics is only a means, is just a channel, or the nature of business, including the goods classification, price, distribution, logistics, maintenance, customer service and so on, not what the difference with the traditional retail industry, we only show the form of the channel is different. And the range of clients are not the same, in traditional retail areas, is a geographical concept, many times is a city or area to divide, so in traditional retail areas, the location is the priority among priorities, it can be said that the first is the second retail location, or location, or third location. Because every city, every area of the business center is a scarce resource, the possession of gold lots, who occupied the market foundation. However, this situation does not exist in the field of electronic commerce, the electronic commerce without geographical restrictions, so the object from all parts of the country, therefore, to break the regional limits of traditional retail business, also raises a difficult problem, how to put the goods before the fast way to the hands of users. Under this premise, the original logistics company all according to the electronic commerce point, for the electricity supplier tailored logistics system, however, because itself is owned by the company, so it is the cost or material or service are greatly playing a discount, is why Jingdong mall last year so many complaints.

As mentioned above

, for any e-commerce sites, can be divided into two parts, one part is the user can see the website, commonly known as the front desk, and a copy is to see the back of you, as part of the logistics, including order processing, delivery, inspection of goods, financial property and so on, for now the performance of almost everyone, want to improve the space is limited, so want to win more customers and more.

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