E commerce development user experience first

electronic commerce is the rise in recent years, but the momentum of a get out of hand, look at a look, everywhere is the electricity supplier product advertising. Take a bus, the platform can be seen everywhere: sit on the elevator, VANCL; TV not handle group, is selling bags; take the subway, it is a dream bazaar; a cafe, a web page, not Taobao, is the only product network……

I am also online shopping enthusiasts, the difference between the five will be online shopping turn, of course, there will be happy and unhappy time. Shopping around so many online shopping mall, a simple talk about my experience on e-commerce sites:

page clean

every time I go to a different site to visit, we will first see the site layout and style. Layout is chaotic, irregular, whether one can see clearly and easy to find what I need the East, the first vision is very important. The following decision will continue to have no understanding of the products I need, in general, simple and neat style of popular love, you also need to have a clear picture selection, good Oh, let the whole page bring a sense of comfort. The cleanliness of the page determines the user’s next step is to close or continue to find it.


every e-commerce website, perfect function is basic. Navigation bar settings click links, product links, search functions, etc., have to be linked to the corresponding page. Especially the search function, because the front page of the site is not may be put to complete all of the products, so many users will choose to use the search function, if the input is: women, and it is men’s clothing or bags and the like, so the user experience will buckle.

product description

users to search their favorite products, then, of course, will look at the description. So the sharpness of the image, the impact of product description of a user is crucial, once there are met, on a certain product is very interested in, text description is also great, but the picture is blurred, finally can only choose to buy in your house.


bad customer service service is the most intolerable, the equivalent of all the hard work will be fully eliminated, but also the most worthy of attention by electronic commerce. Now the era of information disclosure, after-sales service is not good, immediately spread, the impact is self-evident. It is worth mentioning that, some electricity providers like to play with word games, such as before buying a water heater, one of the services on which to write: the scope of service within the free on-site installation services. The result is: to help you install, make a hole of 50 yuan, four holes will be 200 yuan, cheating! I bought a water heater only 500! Contact customer service to a free installation ah, you have no hole hole free ah, it is to make money the. So, from then on will not go to the mall shopping, perhaps for them, I do not lose a customer does not hurt does not itch, but I believe that such a sale will definitely allow customers >

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