Xiamen governance black agency regulate domain name industry

recently, the Xiamen industrial and commercial departments to cooperate with the domain name self regulatory enforcement agency CNNIC, the Xiamen domain name market special rectification activities, a total of 13 black agency investigated. This is not only effective against the Xiamen area black agent user fraud arrogance, and further standardize the development of the industry, to protect the interests of users. Before the day can receive more than a dozen complaints phone, and now these complaints basically no, Xiamen industry and Commerce official said.

domain name self regulatory enforcement agency CNNIC, in the special rectification also played a positive role. At present, there are nearly 300 companies signed the Internet address registration services industry self-regulation convention, CNNIC was elected as the Convention oversight agency. The remediation activities, CNNIC give full play to its supervisory function, showing its determination and efforts to self discipline of the domain name industry.

"is a handful of black agents to take advantage of asymmetric information technology, fraud to the user. By an evil member of the herd cleared off, to safeguard the interests of users, purify the domain name market, has played a positive role, "insiders said. At present, the Xiamen administration of national domain name domain name infringement fraud has basically disappeared, but continue to fraudulent fraud phenomenon still exists in name ICANN. This has a certain relationship with the lack of effective supervision of.Com and other foreign domain name, but also makes the law enforcement difficulty."

CNNIC every year to the credibility of the domain name rating agencies, rectify illegal enterprises, recognition of quality enterprises. Experts warned that users can give priority to the management of the domain name, the choice of CNNIC recognition of gold registration services or CNNIC certification of formal business registration. In Xiamen, the resource and the Chinese golden age has been registered service medal title, "Chinese, 35 Internet, Nawang also is the formal registration services.

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