How to adjust the new tax system to import electricity supplier how to grasp the opportunity to rebi

cross-border electricity supplier new deal just full moon, or will usher in a major change.

recently there is news that the central high-level meeting formed a consensus on promoting the development of the industry: the retention rate adjustment, the other in accordance with the original pilot, to extend the transition period for one year, until a new reasonable way of supervision.


The new

grabbed the feet of imported electricity supplier difficult

Although the implementation of the new tax system

just over January, but the impact on imports considerable. According to the cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive test area statistics, from April 8th to April 15th, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Hangzhou and other comprehensive test area imports were down 70%, respectively, compared with the new deal, 61%, and 65%. Not only that, the number of enterprises in the inventory of a large number of parks in the early part of the goods were not allowed to enter the area and a large number of stranded in the port, airport. Currently only, little red book and several enterprises because of a large amount of inventory also maintain the operation.

according to the Zhengzhou comprehensive test area, a cross-border electricity supplier employees revealed that now an average of 5 to 6 small and medium enterprises closed down every day. In particular, warehousing and logistics enterprises workers, even if the enterprise does not lay off, but also because there is no work performance and the initiative to leave.

situation is bleak, deregulation of the new deal

voice can be heard without end

from the implementation of the new deal nearly a month to see the situation, cross-border electricity supplier is difficult to meet the requirements of general trade regulation. First, the cross-border electricity supplier is equivalent to parallel imports, most of the products from the foreign market direct procurement, foreign manufacturers can not provide authorization, origin certificate and other general trade customs with the accompanying documents. For foreign manufacturers authorization, is bound to product pricing and most of the profits to foreign manufacturers; two is the general trade pre-approval cycle is too long, it is difficult to meet the requirements of cross-border electricity supplier on time and efficiency; three is the general trade inspection and quarantine costs; four is according to the general trade regulation will enable the comprehensive test area completely lost the advantage comprehensive test area for warehousing and logistics costs are high and the No one shows any interest in.

analysts said, if the new deal does not make the adjustment, with the import of cross-border electricity supplier "regular army" is blocked, will likely lead to overseas electricity supplier through direct mail, transport and other ways to enter the Chinese and usher in development opportunities; domestic cross-border electricity supplier companies were forced to give up in the test area, to the layout of the overseas warehouse, and the loss of this part originally in China warehousing, logistics, management benefits to foreign countries; "human" purchasing and other channels will rise to gray.

again welcome to adjust, how to seize the opportunity to import electricity supplier rebirth

has said that the new policy adjustments are countersigned, is expected to recently released. So, what should be prepared to import electricity supplier


in this regard, Hugo interviewed very easy to pay international division Liao Chenyu, "if the implementation of the policy, cross-border electricity supplier complain again and again the declaration will no longer be bound, one year transition period may win the buffer period for each platform, but can become the industry of straw is unknown. And so, cross-border electricity supplier

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