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[TechWeb] January 3rd news, following Tmall, Taobao also announced that the organization upgrade. Today, the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong in full letter to Taobao 2nd said, Taobao’s future must be integrated from people and goods, the three aspects of the top-level design, to give full play to the power of big data, establishment of data products, technology and operation of the combination of "three-in-one" new mode of operation for hundreds of millions of different kinds of preferences the consumer services, as Taobao entrepreneurs and thousands on thousands of medium and small sellers service.


Zhang Yong said, based on the above considerations, in the new year will be the following adjustments to the Taobao organization system:

1, Jiang Fan will lead the Taobao product team to complete the integration of Taobao / hand Amoy user products and Taobao industry product team. In addition, will lead the Chinese made, the global purchase, gold coins, all the chips and other characteristics of the business. Focus on the study of the characteristics of the crowd on Taobao, according to their characteristics and provide different user products and experience.

2, Wang Mingqiang (flower name: think letter) in addition to continue to lead the platform management strategy team, search product team, will serve as the Taobao industry and the seller’s operating team Leader. Scarlett letter together with the team’s mission is to promote the development and implementation of the platform mechanism, and use the power of big data, the ability to explore various types of features of Taobao help sellers, integrity, quality, characteristics of the seller to develop well in the Taobao platform.

3, Zhang Qin (flower name: Yang Guo) no longer serve as Taobao’s Leader operations, there will be another arrangement. But Zhang Yong internal letter did not disclose what specific arrangements.

a week ago in the "2016 new business summit", Zhang Yong had mentioned that today the whole commercial development in the new retail, "success is in fact the core we focus on these people, goods, commercial elements can be effectively reconstructed, can truly bring efficiency." Which "people" refers to the consumer, "goods" means goods, "field" refers to the use of data and recommend other ways to combine; people and goods in a field (scene) in the natural occurrence of the relationship, in order to realize the different needs of different consumers.

according to the latest disclosure of Alibaba group earnings figures show that nearly 200 million people daily login Taobao wireless terminal shopping, only in 2016 September the whole network has more than 6 million Taobao users every day on the platform to share their shopping experience. Just over the past 12 pairs of kiss Festival, Taobao live peak DAU has reached 10 million level. (Zhou Xiaobai)

the following is the full text of the letter Zhang Yong employees:

2017, Taobao start again!

you Taobao II:

2017 is coming! In the new year, we are now faced with the topic of the "new retail" trend, what should be done to upgrade the entire Amoy system, how to continue

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