Jingdong open logistics system Jingdong can be a win win business

According to the November 15th

evening news, Jingdong mall gradually open self built logistics platform, will provide for the cooperation of 70% Jingdong store capacity, it will enhance the Jingdong partner of the store’s service quality and user experience has essentially improved since September, Jingdong mall to get the courier industry licences, a move has been the industry experts predict, but the Jingdong open so fast but it is contrary to many industry insiders expect.

mall is so rapid introduction of Jingdong service partner logistics cooperation plan, the fundamental reason is the enormous pressure from Tmall, from the double 11 promotion sales, now want to shake the Taobao Tmall’s dominance is still very difficult, 19 billion 100 million day and three day sales of 2 billion 500 million sales of Jingdong will be able to analyze the contrast of two a business platform still is not unified level, but the Jingdong will not mall so early surrender to know Jingdong IPO success depends on the development trend of Jingdong’s key, even if it is not able to overtake Taobao and Taobao that are in the same level of relative, or that can be successful.

financing $400 million, logistics will become Jingdong’s profit growth point

The development of

industry is the key is to look at the improvement of the logistics system, Shen Tong in the double 11 promotion before the war and Jingdong suddenly canceled cooperation for Jingdong is not quite, but the self built logistics Jingdong and other logistics companies, or to ensure that the Jingdong three days 2 billion 500 million successful delivery sales, did not appear fast congestion in large area, which makes the Jingdong store to see the express ability has great space to play, and therefore its own platform for business cooperation is obviously able to form a win-win situation, to Jingdong, can increase the new profit point.

and $400 million of financing to promote the construction of Jingdong logistics is obviously more help, from the current development strategy of the Jingdong, in addition to enhance their service experience and service level, the development of logistics system, get rid of the dependence on traditional logistics enterprises is the main direction, and Shen Tong, SF and Jingdong has announced the cancellation of cooperation, is that the self built logistics of the Jingdong is their heart disease.

merchants two election will not appear, the market will wait and see

from the previous 11 double electricity supplier promotions, Tmall launched for businesses queuing activities, for the majority of businesses, is undoubtedly a kidnapping, many businessmen are so Voices of discontent. Tmall’s huge, a promotional campaign, apparently Jingdong but arrived, but the Jingdong’s preferential policies and good user experience, and so many businesses are hard to refuse. But in front of the interests, many businesses in the stand or choose a Tmall, but now the Jingdong’s awesome logistics cooperation, it is also a kind of kidnapping for businesses, but this is kidnapping merchants willing to see, some experts said that many businesses may choose to stand again.

so for the development trend of Jingdong, Taobao >

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