Net sales for the delicacy there are security risks of homemade food

this month, with the official implementation of the network food safety violations approach, these online sales of homemade food is strictly regulated. Homemade cakes, handmade cookies, edible ferment…… These so-called health without adding homemade delicacy in recent years in the circle of friends is popular, but food security risks behind it is easy to be ignored. Mo said it is online shopping homemade food, even if it is really, it may not be safe.

With the popularity of the concept of

enzyme, a self-made enzyme formula of fire for a period of time in the circle of friends, and with DIY, pure natural without added banner, white-collar workers to buy their own different Vegetable & Fruit wash cut into pieces, mixed with sugar and water in the water sealed fermentation, storage for about 2-3 months after made claims to health, weight loss, detoxification, beauty and enzyme. Even some quick enzyme barrels, known as only 5-7 days can make enzyme fermentation. However, nutrition experts pointed out that the homemade enzyme process is difficult to control, easy to produce toxic bacteria, if no control is good health, drinking will have health worries.


Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute and Shanghai Jiao Tong University biomedical master, two nutritionists, a former enzyme biotechnology company nutrition lecturer Shang Xiuting also believes that the "self existing food safety risk", although the fruit fermentation will produce beneficial substances, but different to the industrial production at home, unable to control the process, both can choose the types of bacteria, there is no strict sterilization measures, so the complex process of microorganism in chemical changes, harmful bacteria and toxic substances may at any time with Zi long.

in the National Committee member of the health industry expert level public nutritionists, the Chinese natural therapy world always deputy director Ouyang Ying view, excellent enzyme must have five conditions, first of all to pure plant raw materials, no pollution, a lot of people in the market to buy ingredients just do original enzymes, pesticide residues in food will also affect the quality of enzyme, so the organic ingredients are selected, followed by no pollution.

second, plant raw materials to raw materials, the more the better, the 35 is too small, the best is three, but there is inevitable to design a better prescription, and not just the materials together can get throught a thing carelessly. Shang Xiuting also said that similar herbal medicine as fermented raw material is not the more the better, the more important is Vegetable & Fruit varieties, compatibility.

third, probiotics fermentation process to the diversification of enzymes, such as lactic acid bacteria, acetic acid bacteria and yeast strains of bacteria species better, to strictly control the quality. The fermentation time is at least more than 1 years, have significant effect, if more than 500 days will be able to produce the most optimal bacteria.

the most important thing is that the production process to zero pollution, the operator’s hands, clothes, hats, masks to ensure that clean, containers, tools have to be sterilized, fermentation factory environment to ensure that zero

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