Double eleven continue to heat up who is behind the flames

double eleven has not yet, but the early warm-up has long started, Tmall, Jingdong and other electricity supplier website of the double eleven campaign everywhere. In the early eleven and the latter is the order of the season, so the entire double shopping Carnival will last for a long time in eleven. To stop business or electricity supplier website discount, is the so-called "folk singles", but now the electricity supplier giants speculation into a shopping carnival. In fact, the biggest gain is the business and electricity supplier site, of course, the most powerful is the Ali Taobao. Double eleven has a few years of history, not just behind the electricity supplier and other businesses.

to major festivals in this big once a year to earn a major electricity suppliers are ready to, budget is essential for marketing. After the price of the phenomenon of price increases are also, last year, Taobao’s sales of eleven yuan in double to reach $35 billion, which is indeed a more terrible figure. While other electricity providers website also earn pots full bowl, during the eleven test is the most domestic logistics level, courier companies during this festival is the busiest. Some time ago, Ali successfully listed in the United States, which is the first double after Ali listed eleven, may bring us a big surprise.

In fact, many online shopping

people are waiting for a double eleven, shopping is very addictive things, online shopping is also the case. And love online shopping consumers are generally young grass root users, the income level is not high level of consumers, Taobao users rarely really Nouveau riche. Taobao eleven double sales of 35 billion, behind also exposed such a problem, that is, many online shopping consumers are irrational consumption, follow the trend of psychology and account for cheap psychology is the root cause.

this time double eleven has become a hot topic, at leisure conversation, as in eleven during the double to online shopping will not keep up with the times. In order to have a common topic with the people around you, so you must pay attention to the activities of the eleven double, and on this day a symbolic online shopping something. Plus and catch up with the discount price of goods, Why not?, is the consumption psychology, promote the double eleven shopping festival. Of course, there are also some irrational consumers, simply enjoy the fun of shopping, regardless of whether or not they need what goods.

now, electricity providers and consumers together to double the eleven waves, the power of the masses is huge. So double eleven do not worry about the fire, followed by the rapid growth of the volume of business or electricity supplier orders, but still want to remind you: there is a risk of shopping, rational is the key. Irrational consumption will often bring trouble to themselves, double eleven is also the case, do not care too much.

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