Jingdong to cooperate with the bench into the B2B online ticketing Market

days ago, Jingdong and Vision Technology Development Co. Ltd. Chen’s B2B electronic trading platform ticketing bench signed a cooperation agreement, both sides will be in the exhibition activities (such as exhibition, forum meetings, training seminars, conferences and other areas in-depth cooperation).

The specific form of the cooperation between the two sides of the

for the docking technology API, the Jingdong will be in the "ticket – Exhibition" to the bench after the opening of the open interface, the user can directly query the exhibition ticket information platform of Jingdong on the bench, the ticket will be divided into two kinds of entity tickets and electronic ticket.

it is reported that Jingdong will become the new sales channels and Flow Bench entrance; and the bench will further enrich the types of coverage in the Jingdong ticketing, provide more choice for participation in the exhibition of consumer demand. The two sides said that the future will be more in-depth cooperation in terms of ticketing.

stool belonging to Chen vision (Beijing) Technology Development Co. Ltd., is Chinese B2B ticketing platform, is committed to create a set of online booking, content sharing, meeting IP, social scene services such as one-stop integrated service platform for the development of conference activities, as well as providing marketing and planning solutions for the activities of the organizers of the agenda the service provider.

at present, bench services conference activities over 6000 games, the number of participants 4 million 500 thousand partners including WRSA, Cheung Kong, CEIBS, the Great Wall, Chinese CCPIT, China business association, Chinese Industry Association, Chinese entrepreneur association and other agencies, covering industries including Internet, financial and energy environmental protection, industrial manufacturing, health care, communications, transportation and logistics etc..

In addition, the

also provides the conference event organizers with the theme of the conference topics planning, guests invited, speaker brokers and other services. Chen visionary co-founder Guo Tiansuo said: "the company aims to connect customers with high-end industry experts, become Chinese advisory services leader, to provide professional, organizers, instant sustainability expert service, so that the quality of activities become higher, to learn to flow more valuable, let participants experience and new income the."

on the bench in cooperation with Jingdong, founder and chief executive officer Liu Liyong also said that the cooperation between the two sides in November last year has been the completion of negotiations, reached a cooperation agreement to build the bench products, PC and mobile terminal are versions of iterations, is expected in April this year to complete all the work in the future will be docking, Jingdong on the bench the opening of the independent column.

in the "Internet plus Exhibition" in the context of technological innovation and Channel Reconstruction Exhibition tickets link imperative. Has long coveted micro intervention tickets, barley, etc. Most Yongle ticketing website and Jingdong, such as Alipay, Ctrip and other giants, that exhibition ticket market is the largest blue ocean market after the movie tickets, tickets and tickets for future events.

on the other hand, in 2015 the domestic movie tickets online purchase accounted for 60%, the majority of domestic Internet Conference live >

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