Cat’s movie in T2O not the same spark

under the banner of the Internet thinking, cross-border cooperation is not a new topic, the various platforms hit a magnificent fireworks, has also been recognized by the public. So, the movie seat selection service platform and the TV screen together, but also to see what kind of spark?

the United States Mission opal films encounter T2O

April 22nd, micro-blog @ movie wanted released an interesting movie ticket discount information, is probably the users can watch the CCTV6 channel in the evening, scan code offers to buy the United States Mission opal on "energy-saving" movie tickets.

so, the question is, why did CCTV6 scan two-dimensional code out of the United States Mission opal movie ticket information? In fact, this is just the opal film and CCTV6 a tentative cooperation, multi screen interactive, users watch movie related programs, real-time scan code to buy movie tickets and related services. This model can also be referred to as the film industry T2O model.

What is

T2O? "T2O" or "TV to Online" (from the TV to the Internet), traditional TV through the TV programs and TV dramas, movies and other forms of audio and video programs to attract users, and then charged the high sponsorship fees and advertising fees, the overall income of single mode, TV function is a single, simple as a tuba player. T2O model is the use of television media platform and brand operators to achieve seamless connectivity, so that consumers can easily buy what they see on tv.

over the past two years, the domestic O2O concept Daxing, all walks of life have been plunged into the industry heavyweights is a bold forecast O2O will be the next trillion market. As the Internet industry, the rapid development of the O2O industry, is playing a catalyst for the integration of the Internet and traditional industries. With the development of the industry, O2O industry also extends many segments. Behind the hot Internet TV, we can see the relationship between the TV screen faster and the Internet, networking, interactive, a lot. In this context, the concept of "T2O" came into being.

in the T2O field, there are many successful cases in china. 2013, the tongue of China after the broadcast, successfully won the pursuit of thousands of users, after the broadcast of the program followed by the introduction of the Taobao tongue gourmet shopping channels, so that the audience while watching. The tongue of the Chinese broadcast fifth days, there are already 5844791 people in the site to search for specialty snacks, the people had visited the relevant food page, turnover of more than 729 pieces of. Another reality show "the goddess’s new clothes", business forms more front, the audience can buy directly to the program’s clothing accessories.

in the "T2O" field, the film industry is equally exciting. Broadcast in the April 22nd Beijing International Film Festival at the fifth Beijing International Film Festival movie channel · Chinese Film Festival: the new focus unit promotion focusing e night, CCTV 6 sets of audience by scanning the two-dimensional.

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