Wu Bo group purchase website marketing value early

has been the traditional industry businesses such as restaurants, music, travel, performance and so on, if you want to promote their own, often only hard advertising, Internet advertising and promotion of the ground several options, but these ways are the exception, stuck in the "cash replacement traffic" level, with a certain risk, but the effect is difficult to define.

from the beginning of 2010, with the group purchase website fast, traditional business and group purchase website cooperation more and more frequent, many traditional businesses are beginning to attract consumers to borrow group purchase price. Facts have proved that as long as the mode of operation is reasonable, the effect is very obvious.

Because of the relative

group purchase retail, a much lower price, many consumers will think that businesses choose group purchase is "peibenzhuanyaohe", but with a lot of high quality businesses, such as handle network group purchase gold Hans barbecue and so on, these businesses can be described as a reputation, even if do not advertise or worry about survival, but why do they have the choice of cooperation and group purchase website again?

IT Longmen

array of activities held in the near future, the largest domestic group purchase site CEO Wu Bo explained, he pointed out: we have cooperation with the business model of group purchase website is normal, to a certain extent in our flow, we sell group purchase products, businesses are making money, no no loss, no money to buy risk people, this is very high quality businesses often do group purchase group purchase website, because it has become a very good marketing platform.

indeed, as Wu Bo said, group purchase site after thousands of war, after staking, has entered the high-speed development period, several group purchase website to handle network has been formed as the representative of the first camp, the camp group purchase website have high viscosity and high flow rate of consumers, will become the object of many businesses. Coveted predictably, this very low risk way of marketing, will be more and more businesses use this from the nearest handle network group purchase business hotel to start this remarkable, the needs of businesses in the past is hard to think of.

also recently, including Qihoo 360, Tencent, Taobao and other Internet giants, have launched the group purchase platform, through the open application programming interface, will have the intention of the group purchase website income platform, users only need a ID, you can join the consumer in all the group purchase website platform. It is understood that, in order to buy 360 platform, for example, has joined the platform to buy the site, including the handle network and other domestic mainstream buy site, including the more than and 200 buy site, the scale is considerable.

and these three giants buy open platform also combines its own characteristics. QQ buy open platform will integrate IM, SNS, payment and other services. Taobao group purchase "Juhuasuan" using their own advantages of e-commerce, the development of commodity will be extended to the regional key from the regional group purchase operation. 360 pay attention to the security of the site to buy, buy site has the appropriate qualifications and buy merchandise authorization, and review the purchase of goods in the presence of deception

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