Taobao to do half a million sales of small sellers 1


N years ago, want to do Taobao, is reluctant to pay that, and finally ruthless, in August this year, began to prepare for my shop. Here’s a little bit of my experience, when I’m on the drill, I’ll share again, every step of progress to record

do Taobao there are a few problems that must be considered, the following about my solution to each problem

1 registered account, the account has long been frankzhang, has been bought, did not sell, apply for verification on the identity of the line.

2: don’t bother what to sell, Qingdao has a geographical advantage, is the white blind students grew up near the sea beach I do seafood seedling, and sea cucumber friends home, sea cucumber supply is not a problem, friends will guarantee the quality. And then we Scallop in Shell dry and dry clams, shrimp, small shrimp. Although these things grew up after eating, I can’t let me tell. But if you want to sell, it is necessary to understand what kind of goods, how much money, how much money to purchase, sell how much money to remove the purchase cost, loss of goods, freight, and their refrigerator power consumption and cost, sell how much money. As for the bad goods, in the food industry, want to do for a long time, is not taken into account, while the low cost, and can also sold at the same price, my point of view (Taobao, Taobao food, must do the best, otherwise it is a repeat of 3 goods, and how to submit to Taobao: pictures, pictures, I was the beginning of the mobile phone, and later found that there is always some color difference with the camera. My camera is ordinary, but not art, how to do? First, to open up shop, and then slowly find art, because I think, as a small seller, began to find what art, no spectrum, do not know should achieve what kind of effect will be good what kind of picture, can attract consumer desire to buy, a little confused,

ordinary camera + beauty Tuxiuxiu, is show on my Taobao pictures, for a variety of effects, at present, I do not know how to describe it slowly! Come on! (even so, I still guarantee that my goods are taken in kind, but the effect is not very good and have been taken, then I will improve)

4: can Taobao propaganda shop, we do not know, wait for others to search??? So I wrote a long log, delivered to my QQ space,, circle of friends, at once with a lot of traffic, the friends all admire my courage and spirit to support me plus, is to catch up with the Mid Autumn Festival, a lot of friends to send gifts, small shrimp, sea cucumber, shrimp Scallop in Shell column, the son is really a lot, the friend sent inland, these things just fine. So, come to me, not for anything else, just believe me, will give them the best goods. With these flows, as long as the search in the home page of, Qingdao sea cucumber, we can frankzhang the sea cucumber in the first page of the page; as long as the search "Qingdao fan column"

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