O2O is the Sturm und Drang survive fresh profit

in May this year, the Tencent Jingdong brought the total investment of $70 million for the orchard every day C round of financing; in May last year, Amazon announced a $20 million strategic stake in 77 delicious in Shanghai; and a year earlier, Alibaba group exclusive investment to fresh fruit.

is not only the Internet giant BAT to enter the fresh electricity supplier, fueled by venture capital, fresh electricity supplier has become the most popular industry. Combing the Chinese Daily reporter found that since the first half of this year, including fresh O2O platform five hundred, multi point, daily and fresh, original life network, eating fresh, young dish Jun, Tang Sir, Hello, chain of agricultural Fresh and a fresh fruit, sentient beings O2O have received 5 million yuan Angel round to $100 million round of angel or AB round of financing range.

capital support fresh hurricane

in the capital to support the burn wars, the fresh electricity market is entering the era of subsidies for hurricane download pull users, the price war, price of cloth cold chain, heavily hit the warehouse, even losing money earned shouted, "O2O death tide sweeping, Internet giants and new start-up companies still capricious money.

is earlier, as everyone knows, because of the natural attributes of fresh goods of non standardized and short shelf life, a huge loss of profit, and the high standard of fresh goods to the warehouse logistics and logistics has huge investment, thus becoming the category of fresh retail competition in the threshold of the most high category.


, although B2C fresh electricity supplier early is the industry has been raging like a storm, but the pain is not profitable and lack of scale advantages, consumers need training and other practical problems.

this year, all the giants are entering the O2O. Some people believe that a new era of O2O roaring, this era of the Internet will penetrate all sectors, the reconstruction of the industrial chain, the ecological chain, restructuring business model, consumption patterns. As a result, many fresh electricity providers have begun to turn to O2O service.

this year, including Jingdong home, multi-point, love fresh bee, community 001, Xu Xian, every day, such as the orchard are turning fresh O2O mode, providing up to two hours or even an hour of fresh to the home service.

August 11th, fresh electricity supplier companies have been living in Beijing announced that the network’s fresh O2O project has been formally put on the line. Originally easy to hit the ‘one hour’, has been working with more than and 300 convenience stores in Beijing, will also cooperate with the country’s more than 1 thousand and 400 family convenience store." Originally living network founder Yu Huafeng in an interview with China Daily reporter, said the original life network is negotiating a new round of financing, the amount of financing in the hundreds of billions of dollars. August 19th, every day, the orchard also announced the official launch of the O2O in Beijing and fresh expansion strategy. Every orchard CEO Wang Wei revealed that this year, every day in the city will be built in Beijing orchard 100 O2O stores, and in Central China, Southern China region to increase the warehouse, the coverage extends to the country >

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