Taobao customer satisfaction marketing

looked at the A5 above today, "Taobao crown store 1 thousand IP earned a share of the experience of the month of 6000," the brother wrote the article is very touching. Taobao to do more than two months, the transaction on the first month of the single pen, I do not know how to come to the 1. Website revision gradually stabilized article information constantly add, API program also optimized. Baidu included more than 1 thousand, but the number of IP per day is still very bleak.

Taobao customers want the conversion rate, and more IP if there is no good conversion rate is also very difficult to make money.

review, last month are mainly in standing, adding new contents above spent a lot of time, so did not go shopping Meiya fashion promotion.

analysis of your own domain name is good, my580 (Mayer, beautiful and elegant) I help you 580. Their web site space, and the rest is propaganda! Keep your target customers.

my site is the main clothing and slimming products, return to a few posts in Baidu Post Bar today to 10 IP seems good, find your target customers such as weight loss Post Bar, publicity your website, I believe, are interested in slimming products will look at the content of the website, if see interest will buy products. I decided to go to the bar every day as long as they have to go around. Adhere to a month to see the results, I believe there will be some results.

this month website promotion, mainly is to send a blog, but looks like the effect is not very obvious, the blog has nothing to visit, don’t say to guide to the site above. The man said to send mail should be a good choice, but now rampant spam, estimates are a bit difficult……

There are many ways to promote

, mainly to find the right way is. No matter what the goal is to make the potential visitors into buyers, this is Taobao off! Included less never mind, the brothers included less do 6000 monthly income. So don’t be afraid of your site not to Baidu.

Why do I

second sites, but also for the visitors to my website to Meiya fashion shopping. Each article has links below. This is also an additional publicity. Information station to do for a long time, there must be more than a lot of Taobao. This is also a way out of their own to the station to support the station.

wish you find your own way. I will continue to write articles to report the results of their propaganda. Find the relevant Links Meiya fashion shopping search Taobao information site chain.

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