Google AdSense China tragic history of the personal webmaster

The tragic history of

— Google AdSense China expose the evils of capitalism of the personal webmaster, no contact with the Internet advertising industry will ask what is Google AdSense?

According to the

Google website explains: Google AdSense is a quick and easy method of making money online, can make traffic has certain scale website publishers to show website and website content relevant to their Google advertising and website traffic into income. Google AdSense is a form of network affiliate, if you add Google AdSense to a site, it becomes Google publishers, as publishers can display the Google keyword advertising on its website, the number of Google by clicking according to membership advertising on the site to pay commissions, when one end of the month cumulative commission when you can pay $100 to the user click advertising commission.

according to incomplete statistics currently has more than 60% of China’s personal Adsense to join the Google AdSense advertising alliance. Many webmaster to dream of a hundred days into the knife ($100), here I made this dream now is to remind the webmaster to wake up. Take a good look at the so-called Google AdSense clause. They can close any of your accounts. Because the policy of Google AdSense is to protect advertisers (capitalists). No cheating but closed account owners have received such a letter: because your site to our advertisers brought great risk, so we stopped your GoogleAdSense account. There is no evidence that any notification of cheating, because advertisers to bring the risk will be blocked account. Google AdSense is a month to send money, so a stop on your account last month, and this month’s advertising revenue is gone, Google said it would return to advertisers. If only rely on Google AdSense personal webmaster will have no income within 2 months. You won’t get any compensation for these two months.

so-called advertisers to bring the risk, that is, advertisers put on your site advertising, but did not get the appropriate return, not make money. Not to return to the title – this is a blatant exploitation of capitalism treaty. It is like going to the CCTV to advertise, the advertisement has not achieved the result, does not have the money to pay the advertisement expense. Oh, my God! That would be such a good thing. The capitalists should laugh. This Ordinance seriously damaged the basic interests of the majority of Chinese owners. However, China does not currently have any agency to supervise the Google AdSense.

at the moment we can not get the protection of individual owners, we should be far away from the personal Google AdSense, away from evil capitalism. Only socialism is beauty

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