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project at Baidu I have seen, this project has the certain risk, which belongs to the technical investment, need capital and R & D time. Website: real-time positioning of different game player exchanges, this idea appeared in a few months ago, a dating website to that time, but this type of website of many "what’s new type of site?" I think and think and think for a long time, still want to come out, want to bother to start the game. Suddenly a clap of thunder in the game, an inspiration from my mind "can I know which city real time game player in this game this area?" immediately, my new start pounding, immediately open Google (sometimes the more accurate, recommended) search game city friends, but I found that dating sites are rigid, submit information on the OK, there is no game data in real time, and then carefully to find other sites:

remains the same!

so, I smile, laugh so natural. But I immediately recognized whether this is no game player needs? Open Google again, took a week to find answers from the major forum posts and the sporadic game friends learned: This is a market that is a far from the development of the market! Think of "taking people selling shoes they found the natives of Africa, barefoot " business story, I laughed again, this time to see how with evil.

only with the game, the same area, dating is not enough, here briefly said website: open the website you can find, which is online game player is playing games, which area, game ID, and gender brief information. Do not know the reader greatly not playing the game, although now high speed information developed, but it did not appear a game online game player can real-time understanding of the website, this will be a chance! Imagine inside the game area general game player is far apart from each other, uneven, if you play a game of loneliness, or want to make friends, do you want to know what your friends are playing the game which area? Just have such a website, what will you Zeyang? Of course the function of the website not only this one. Please look back, but this one is enough cattle was


site operation: the realization of real-time online is currently no such procedures, from scratch, from there to maturity is a process of development. Including technology development, advertising, website operation requires at least 500W yuan! My idea is to develop a set of software, this software can realize the user login software need only when playing the game will automatically tell where the game and game player automatically in the website update. Similar to the QQ chat software, chat is certainly there, if you want to know more details please look down m here is just a brief.

website profit point: when the software developed, when the site is basically mature after

The development of web

membership, members can enjoy more privilege

, because there is a real-time online game player.

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