Google Adsense new price is speculation

        today many friends broke the news, Google Adsense promotion increased to $250 each downline, downline pay $5.

donews also put the article as a recommendation.


I logged onto the back view with Google Adsense administrator, Google does not have any relevant provisions, union Department of Google company has not received any of the above instructions.

in the relevant page is not new: answer=25889& topic=1449 ?;


        with some webmasters are also discussing this issue. Google Adsense rules can not easily change. If it becomes 250 or $5 to pay off. That would be a disaster for Google adsense.

      1)   a always changing (not advancing with the times) of the alliance, is a very bad, Google is not to be placed on the customer line mechanism.

by encouraging referrals to attract more users, always adhere to the principle of Google is. User experience rather than operation.

      2) if it really turns out to be a downline bonus of $250 for that previous award, or if the previous application is currently in reward. The middle will be no small trouble.

      3) appear $5 can be offline. That may be all the people, we strive to pull off the assembly line, Google may become a junk advertising field is not far away.We also estimate the

      4)   if there is a payment of more than $250. That’s where Google’s Adsense profits came from.

If only do we have $100 in advertising, Google will pay 100+250. This Google, adsense  there are advertisers trust?

      5) Google itself is very low, and Google does not lack the site of the publisher’s group. He won’t change easily. But this release goog>

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