Adsense K has been issued to set reasonable income

Adsense has issued revenue to stop payment, reasonable? This is my recent search results had an article that read deep sympathy for the webmaster, also considered in this article on the Google recommendations, some very pertinent, worthy of the adoption of Google, the

my Adsense account in June 26, 2009 issued in 2009 May revenue 137USD (omitted the 2 decimal point), after the trip, something more, the future and to Western Union money. Unfortunately, my account may have been hit by malicious clicks, resulting in an invalid click activity (official statement), which was deactivated in July 14, 2009. Grief, think there is an already issued payment calculations, less than 35 days of official description of Western Union withdrawal period, July 17, 2009 (Friday) to check the Western Union, money is still trying to withdraw, the weekend, but my weekend (July 19, 2009) to the bank for payment have been told, even GOOGLE INC cancel


I really do not understand why is this? Even if my account was closed, even if there are invalid clicks, but I 2009 May earnings since the issue down, the authorities also think my income is a normal income! So, the $137.07 that I should get the money, it is certainly May earnings no invalid clicks.

so, excuse me, why did you cancel my income,


has been the terms of the king, and Google Adsense of the webmaster despot practices I have to sniff at, these people, that the great Google has been "no evil", they complain is just slander, but I did not think even he himself suffered such an unreasonable treatment. I can understand the account is disabled, there are hundreds of dollars lost and I can understand, but you sent me down the money back, in any case I think impassability?! we worked hard to do stand webmaster, their own user value and Google share, I think this is the cornerstone of the rapid growth of Adsense in Chinese and then continue to sustainable development, but Google seems to ignore our small station interests, or even ignore our existence, as if to make the foundation lost?


urge official attention, I believe that no matter what a normal thinking person, you will think this behavior cannot be explained, normal hair down the money, and no more than 35 days of withdrawal period, while I will take out the time to recover, I want to ask, you can what? You this is my private property robbery

!The official

is expected to give me a satisfactory answer, explain, even if the money does not give me nothing, but I do not want to happen again this unfortunate incident, please understand our great GOOGLE, these day slaving away small station is you >

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