nternet entrepreneurs are most likely to encounter two fatal logic error

the author of this article Ning Ning network founder Zhou Ning

is one of the characteristics of the Internet business model to win. A way of thinking, a new solution can be transformed into the real world through the network of driving force. However, this magical characteristics because of profit driven entrepreneurs also brought many traps, of which two error logic we almost can be seen at any time, but some people continue to hesitate to continue on the inside.


an opportunity trap


1, buy is a good model, now there is a chance to do it?

2, "O2O is a good model, I am ready to do a O2O site."

3, "at present there are several local portal site, I am ready to start from home improvement, should have the opportunity to do?"

4, the local has not a large talent site, the opportunity should be good!

error analysis:

the problem can be summed up in one word: speculation. Remember an Internet webmaster conference, a gangster standing on the stage is very sharp, said: I saw the audience is a pair of eyes full of desire." One of the desire is human nature, can be said that more than 90% entrepreneurs in the business of the holy name to speculation. In fact, this is normal, but do not need to avoid or disparage.

The key to

is that we have to learn to avoid or overcome the opportunity trap". A formula can be used to describe the relationship between opportunity and success:

+ resource + ability + effort + luck = success

can not say that the opportunity is not important, but what is the opportunity to belong to you? What else on the opportunity to seize the opportunity to lose to you?.


1, will be "good at their own suitable for their own" as a starting point to look for opportunities.

2, the profit of rational judgment opportunity, development space.

3, pay more than others and strive for more than 10 times.

two, knowledge trap


once, in the strategic meeting of one company, a company in the total cattle X PPT demonstration said: the company in our field, with a comprehensive, high-quality, innovative features, all the big companies is better than that of the field. Look at those companies inside and outside the field, with a great reputation in the name, I was shocked.

after dinner, X always drink high, and said: we have to create a famous case in the field, we want to get the right to choose and pricing customers!

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