Baidu Union into a new Google turn or turn

yesterday, Baidu Union announced that from July 1st onwards, the site navigation site in cooperation with Baidu search promotion, the implementation of the new policy will be divided into. That is the default Baidu search site navigation station is divided into the initial ratio of 30%, and according to the forms of cooperation, improve the proportion of flow, quality, cooperation with Baidu website alliance alliance certification time and many other factors, into a maximum of 45%, non default Baidu search in the navigation station is divided into columns (i.e. only the exclusive Baidu search money, put the other competitors in the search will not enjoy sharing policy).

Baidu alliance before the initial commission ratio is 50%, if the quality of the content, traffic, cooperation, as well as many other factors such as the high level of Major League certification, the commission can reach up to 84%.

last week began with Baidu alliance will soon adjust site navigation website into Commission news, did not expect to come so fast, because I am also in charge of the May snow site, now every day there are seventeen to eighty thousand IP, with some peer exchanges, colleagues generally believe that if you do not give Baidu Alliance cooperation website sweet words, perhaps the cooperation website will be put into the arms of rivals, at that time, Baidu may be counterproductive.

had such a story: a building, there is a child at 10 every night all the time playing the piano in the room, noisy neighbors can’t sleep, neighbors have a very clever old man, one day he knocked on the door of a child, that child is good at playing the piano, continue at 10 o’clock every day. Play it every day to give him 10 dollars. After the child every day to play hard, the old man also truthfully give him 10 dollars a day, after a month, the old man said: no money, can only give you $5. Since then the child will play no longer so desperately, every day to play a little sleep. So after a month, the old man said: no money, can continue to play every night to listen to him. The child did not say a word, closed the door, and from then on, there was no sound of the piano in the building. This story shows that it is the Baidu alliance, Baidu alliance had paid to the webmaster, but now all of a sudden to rival station on the site navigation site navigation killed, to know all the user will not only Baidu, will use other search engines, once users found less they need to use search engine site navigation on that he will be more of a sense of distrust on site navigation. As for the site navigation station, which is to take the site’s traffic and brand to change less than half the money before.


is Google recently CCTV exposure, let everyone know that there is a Google search to a porn site, at that time Google traffic soared, so Baidu is anxious, hurriedly trying to control the flow of Google. A lot of Internet users is the first stop on the web site navigation, anyway, to control the site navigation is not wrong. However, Baidu also overlooked a possible problem, that is, in case of Web site navigation webmaster resistance, Google and then raise the commission price, in the dual

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