Silicon Valley entrepreneurs change from the Airbnb to the main sofa million financing

titanium media note: want to know what is the real start empty-handed venture? Let’s take a look at the female entrepreneur Tracey (Tracy DiNunzio) the story of ms.. Despite the lack of funds in the initial stage, but did not become the success of her business resistance.

for creative ideas, only the lack of entrepreneurs, in the end how to be able to melt into the money – often the most critical issue in the early days of entrepreneurship. Airbnb from the rental of their own bedroom registered users, and ultimately for its stylish electronic business platform into the first funding of $1 million 500 thousand, Tracey is how to do it?


entrepreneurial financing experience on

Zhao Saipo / Ti media compiler Tradesy is a business website, the main fashion retail. The founder of Tracey from the year for the use of Airbnb rental bedroom to earn money start-up companies, and now to complete the first round of $1 million 500 thousand financing, only a few years before the time.

self financing through Airbnb first

2009, Tracey said goodbye to the housewife’s day, began to launch a peer to peer e-commerce site, called RecycledBrid, the bride can buy and sell their own wedding on this site.

at the same time, she also does a data entry for a company to subsidize the cost of the site. And, in order to raise more cash to the site, Tracey sold her paintings, clothes and even cars. "I was probably the only person in Losangeles who didn’t have a car," she quipped. I often wear a second-hand Chanel jacket, take a bus to attend the meeting. Not as the climate, you have to be affected."

did not pay any promotion, Tracey eyes staring at the Recycled Bride website hits within two years to reach 500 thousand times. Tracey knew that he should work harder, make the website more professional, at least to make the code beyond her self level — however, it all need money.

‘s desire for money, Tracey began to resort to Airbnb (well-known housing short rental platform). The first tenant from Airbnbd contacted K at the Reykjaví Airport in. 17 hours later, the man stood before Tracy simon. Later, they became husband and wife.

the next day, they continue to rent the home of the second bedrooms and sofas, through the Airbnb, they received more than 100 tenants, harvesting $30 thousand. These rental income has become the site of life-saving straw.

Tracey said: "I want to get to the site Minato East by the west at that time, developers get some money". Business website before, Tracey had worked as a painter in Mexico. > >

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