How to make your GGAD account safe

      for Google AdSense webmaster, pay attention to their account security, is very important.

      but because the Google for Adsense advertising code in which web site, not a so-called whitelist (Bai Mingdan), then anyone can take your account in one other site.

      although this seems to account stolen by the webmaster can increase and click Show, there seems to be no harm, in fact, is a problem, if your opponent put your code on an illegal website, but without your knowledge, many malicious clicks. It is likely that Google will issue a warning or stop your account.

      if Google can let the webmaster, in the background can be put on the advertising site, so there is no such problem.

      so can’t we know if our account is stolen?

      in fact, there is a way, at least we can know whether our show is normal.

      the method is to use URL channel.

      1) log in to your AdSense background;

      2) AdSense Setup > Channels > URL channels

      3) all your website domain name is added in the URL channel, such as the station by, then all in the domain of advertising will be surveyed in the channel.

      note, add URL channel without modifying your ad code.

      in the actual operation, we must first look at the total amount of whether to show their huge increase, and this increase with the flow changes to your site do not match, this time, we should pay attention to see your senior report.

      when you look at the senior report, you can see the display of custom channels and URL channel display, to see whether there is a huge gap between each other.

      if the gap is too large, then >

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