The latest can put Google Adsense advertising blog

site name: Sina blog

Sina blog popularity and traffic are not to say, Sina blog can be added in the custom blank panel.

site name: Love Blog network

emerging blog network, using the X-Space system, support for 5 JS ads, direct registration directly opened in the background template to add advertising.

site name:


and blog not only launched its own advertising system, and blog accounts can go directly to the application, and will automatically advertise. And support custom add HTML template.

site name: China Blog

known as China’s largest professional portal of China’s network of passenger speed is also very good.

site name: Adsense tribal

Adsense tribal oblog multi-user system, there are dozens of templates to choose from, and now need to register the audit.

site name: Mid wing network blog

simple and practical popular blog network.

site name: DoNews blog

DoNews is a relatively large IT community, the use of multi-user foreign WordPress system.

site name: Google own blog

Google own blog, but it is generally difficult to open the domestic.

site name: China Network blog

blog network is known as the world’s largest Chinese blog, the commune system support JavaScript, and very easy to use.

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