9158 com music network music and games for QQ station advertising

    9158.com poly music network, is China’s largest theme paradise, provides a combination of online and offline theme of the more than and 100 themes, entertainment and social networking organizations in urban areas. Web site is currently the most popular a variety of Web2.0 applications in one, which is the biggest feature of the video client 9158.com. The client uses the most advanced multi H.264 video compression technology, combined with independent research and development of 9158Sound (TM) audio codec algorithm (real time transmission effect reached MP3 quality), transmission of audio and video quality are in the domestic leading position. IM features include multiple video client, a lot of the highest number of simultaneous online more than 50 thousand people. Last year, the company received the favor of the famous Silicon Valley investor C2, an investment of $5 million. We wish to search for music and games as well as QQ station monthly advertising cooperation. Interested parties please contact QQ4190250 MSN [email protected]

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