Talk about the thief collection system to make money


system is to use the lazy thieves, is placed in the room waiting for money automatically to that, this is the point to understand the basis of people is the site, below I talk about how to use this system to make the thief, simple and easy to use content.

to use this system to make money, but also a lot of attention to the Oh, I’ll give you talk about how to do

first: the choice of the thief system

novels, pictures, cartoons, movies, quiz, these we can do, the website included fast, large flow, idle for personal space or domain name is not used, a thief acquisition system, not much space, and money, selling links, advertising, are there are many ways to make money, this to their own, this system we don’t need to buy genuine, because we also do the initial station, buy a cracked version of it is OK, but you have the money to buy a genuine as much good Oh, a search on Taobao will have a lot to sell oh. I chose the novel collection system, with good, and very convenient. However, the installation of this novel system is a problem, the following will discuss the choice of site space.

second: choose a suitable thief system space

domestic space is generally not let the thieves, because of copyright infringement, so we choose foreign space, here we choose foreign space, we should choose the cheaper, but also choose the thief space, the speed of system installation, support library, must support the pseudo static, which is conducive to the site included Oh, second, we do not choose the best kind of infinite space, unlimited traffic, unlimited subdirectories, this space has many limitations, is not stable, the most important thing is not conducive to the website included. So we do a station on a buy, this is the most economical, but also on the site included a good help.

third: how the site was quickly included

We choose

space, novel system is installed on, so how can we promote it, how to let Baidu and Google and other search engines know our website, we installed the website we must first submit to Baidu and Google, and other 1-3 days can be included in Baidu. So we are in the appropriate publicity, so that our website is slowly waiting to be included in Baidu, then flow naturally come, we can sell links, advertising alliance, what can get an income for our own site.

hope you can put their own idle space and domain names in this way to make money. Probably there is space charge reversal continued expensive oh.

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