Optimization of GGAD can not only take the price that we should pay more attention to ECMP

Unit price is only a reference indicator, if the GGAD for the optimization of the unit price as the only standard, may unwittingly entered the GGAD optimization errors

————————— a ———————————-

10 clicks, revenue of $1, the price is 0.1, ECMP is 1

————————— two ———————————-

20 clicks, revenue of $1.5, the price is 0.075, ECMP is 1.5


The two kinds of

, which kind do you want?   obviously, although the low price two, but the income and ECMP are higher than the case. Read the two contrast, you will be superstitious in the unit price   this post is absolutely original. Finally, to their own website to do a small ad, I hope the king released fashion life

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