Personal experience from zero income to earn thousands of stable income

first introduce myself, I graduated from the 06 known as the international metropolis a three stream school, the talent market competition, professional too hot, from the end of the internship for half a year has not found a suitable job, due to the face and do not want to return home, so most of the time in the nest cafe. A chance to go to the higher road, more than 4 years there have been numerous hardships, helplessness, frustration and pain, also has infinite passion, hope and the spirit of never giving up, of course, also has from zero income now stable at about 8000~12000 per month, more time will be a little more stable income I say is what not to do, should be more than the general white-collar workers now, most of the time did not say, because it hit some worry for money troubles in the struggle Friend.

you must be care about is how to make money? The beginning, you are not very confused? You are not doing a lot of sites are not making money? You are not always believe that the network can make money but always earn money? You are not for every day living expenses worry? For the monthly rent is trouble? Your girlfriend is not every day you didn’t make money against? Is it because you didn’t even have the money and you broke up? Are you still owe money to friends students pay? Did you ask Wang Tong, Wang, A Fei figure even you are. Don’t ask Ma Yun to Ding Lei, Zhang Zhaoyang, Ma Huateng sent a message of

still no answer?

I tell you, when you make the life of the first pot of gold, you wouldn’t worry about these problems; personal webmaster not technology products did not rely on what to make money? How to make a pot of gold? Can say basically are to rely on advertising, advertising alliance said many owners may be angry, why? Because domestic advertising meet the eye everywhere and most of it is cheater, alliance, garbage alliance, deduction amount is serious, even with the virus, the price is a few cents, the most abhorrent is not easy to do when start to pay, but the letter of your account, your efforts are cast to waste


a larger union credit better alliance basically is GG, Baidu, GG is not to say, when I started to earn a pot of gold by GG, then click on the unit price is OK, the exchange rate is about 1:8, now basically a click is 0.01 cents. 100 dollars to pay, but also easily blocked account. The rest is Baidu, so Baidu alliance has become the first choice of webmaster, at a few corners to dozens of pieces, common is 1 blocks to a few dollars, but suffer from audit strict conditions, because generally need to meet the following conditions:

1 a stable traffic site, 500IP or so (personal speculation).

2 content is not illegal enrichment.

3 has been filed by the Ministry of information industry (at least you have a record number for you).

4 world ranking XX>

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