Free online education is just a giant game

online education has become more and more lively, there are many online education entrepreneurs or critics have a point of view is the Internet education should be free. They think that online education should provide free content, the use of value-added service charges is king.

to this, I have not been able to assess the views of the right or wrong, after all, there is no online education companies rely on this model has been successful. As for the United States free online education institutions, but also on the road, from the final success is still very far away.

support online education should be free of people usually use Tencent, Qihoo and other cases to verify their opinion. It may not be wrong. Perhaps the future of the Internet education really may be in the free mode, but this fact and our 99.99% people have a little relationship.


QQ free is not false, but we want to know when it is really not to make money, soon end, the success of the Tencent is not only for props charging mode, perhaps more should thank the year SP fishing money. Several major portals that year, if there is no SP, perhaps all the dishes. Don’t forget that the Internet industry is not peibenzhuanyaohe, they want to free, but it does not receive fees, they are not free to subvert the thinking mode by who.

Qihoo is to rely on free security software completely subvert the market, but do not forget that Zhou Hongyi’s Qihoo boss, but most of us are far less than Zhou Hongyi’s ability, team and resources.

we can look back at these Internet Co, there are a few real small companies are free mode to subvert the pattern?. Free business is actually a giant game.

free internet education if it is established, it is not likely to be able to embrace the future and success of grassroots entrepreneurs.

may have some people will think that the Internet Education for free if they should go to represent the general trend. Well, Lei Jun millet success, he was able to sum up their own flow. But you look like a swarm of bees do electricity supplier, and make the mobile phone to do group purchase…… Is the flow, the result? We can find that the gale gets up, more and more people fall homeopathy at the foot of the mountain, the top of the hill or those big game player, such as Lei jun……

as a grassroots entrepreneurs, or get to find their own areas of expertise, to make money to feed themselves is the kingly way. For 99.99% of entrepreneurs, the success of self-confidence can, but do not have to become Jobs’s blind self-confidence……

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