dle idle Rise and fall of one of the series of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan career

in 1996, the first year of the first year of China’s Internet, I read the second year. A casual opportunity, the school chose the best class in our class, to a ladder classroom, listen to a big lesson, a teacher told us about the internet. Before this, the "fantasy world" magazine, has long serialized in an article called "the United States, the information superhighway", is also the introduction of the internet. I actually listen to the teacher talk about the Internet actually disagree, I did not expect the Internet determines my whole life.

in 1998, that year floods let everyone remember, I also just entered the University, learning is a computer. At that time, there is no Internet cafes in Wuhan, some people opened a number of computer games to play the place, called the computer room. There is a computer LAN network, more play the game then estimated 80 some friends all know, red alert, heroes, and Legend of Sword and Fairy. I in the first half of the semester school for two months to start skipping, indulge in this computer room, play more heroes. Later found the school computer room, in fact, is a game room. Which teachers don’t tube you play a game, or engage in learning, one hour charge 5 jiao yuan, of course, also have a good point of the room, is nothing more than a computer with good configuration, one hour 1 yuan, from the outside of the computer room so I transferred to the school computer room, playing out the dark.

I was in primary school, it is Comrade Deng Xiaoping said, the computer should start at that time, the computer interest group participated in the primary school, the teacher think I have talent, call my parents sent to another major point in a summer camp. At that time, what all don’t understand, now in retrospect, the teacher taught us, whether it is in the primary school, or later participate in the summer camp, is a more than and 20 year old girl, you could call it, I’m not by strange, why men dominated the computer industry, my computer teacher, why should is a woman, and are just graduated, it is a miracle, the probability is too small. I remember that I was learning the Basic language, I learned the level of later, you can write a plane to play the game, do not want to skew, not a man often say that the aircraft, you know. Later it participated in a computer game, I won the two prize in the city of Wuhan, there are also some strange, all the girls actually participated in the computer group, and is particularly serious, unfortunately, most get third-prize, those girls are not convinced, can only say that I have the talent, but they don’t know I am more than they learn a summer vacation. Of course, it has also become an important reason in my college when selecting a professional, as we all know, graduated from high school, entered the University, learned all is professional, although my science but I’m not good, to learn what the Department of mathematics, Department of physics, so professional, other subjects also don’t understand what are the computer based at least somehow primary school, college life would be easier, so I chose a computer professional, School of computer science and technology is the mainstream.


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