Google AdSense ads do not show the situation

we have received a letter asking why publishers do not display advertising on the site, today we will introduce in detail the possible reasons, ads do not show it, if you did not display advertising on the site, you can find the reasons according to the specific situation, and take corresponding measures.

first case, the advertising area shows blank, no ads. This could be a technical problem when adding code, possibly for the following three reasons.

1 ad code is not properly added to the site code. If you do not add ad code in the correct way, the ad may not be displayed.

2 your browser is not open JavaScript. To view Google ads on your site, you need to enable JavaScript in your browser.

3 you may have a personal firewall software with an ad blocking feature or any other ad blocking software. Personal firewall software or ad blocking software will make Google ads can not be displayed, or make some parts of the ads can not be displayed.

In the second case of

, the ad area shows "you are not authorized to view this page" or "Error"". This should be the end of the ads on your site, stop advertising display may have two reasons:

1 before you use this site to apply for AdSense, and was rejected. If we later approved the site’s application, our server will need a maximum of 48 hours of delay to advertise on your site.

2 your website violated our policy, so we stopped advertising the show. You can go to your account email to see if there is any notification email we sent, and read our policy carefully, to modify the site to comply with our policy. After the completion of the modification, you can directly reply to our notification email, we can restore the advertising display after the audit.

if the above reasons are not, you can help through the center of the bottom of the "contact" link with us, "I can’t see the ads" title to email us and provide specific web advertising is not displayed, we will help you to see further reasons.

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