Wangzhuan novice network Denver five methods

the opportunity to make money online can be said to be everywhere, although the trap is more higher, but the chance is far greater than the trap, so how to make easy money in the network? The following is to introduce several methods, hope that the majority of the new players first pot of gold digging into the life inside the network!

first stage money law: novice Wangzhuan

has just entered the world for Wangzhuan newbies, don’t eat fat, should first start from the most basic way to Wangzhuan, at this stage we can try to make money to click on ads, brush IP traffic to make money, some a little smarter with dollars and RMB price choose to do foreign ads so, to make a little bit more, also can participate in some surveys do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, but also pay attention to the investigation methods, such as user age, income and city and hobbies, if the place of choice, so the survey will be a little more, so you can earn more Oh! There is a post in the forum, selling forum account, such as A5, 19 building sites such as the high weight of the signature is very costly


second phase: entry-level network to make money

now you have to Wangzhuan very well and also know the importance of writing soft, if writing is a little better to write their own blog to make money, also can help some people write soft Wen propaganda to make money, if you can write literary articles also can contribute to the relevant website or magazine. Even now, many novel writers can also earn about one million

every year!

this stage because you are already familiar with the website, this time also can set up their own online QQ group, to pull off the assembly line to make money, through a team approach to website promotion, also available on the web proxy software to make money, make money buying program, which at this stage are relatively common in Wangzhuan

!The third stage:

do Wangzhuan

by technology

this stage you might think why not do a website to make money? The money will be more advanced, money velocity will be faster if you have ah, the establishment of technology, will soon be ready to build web sites, plus their operation ability, make the but an easy job to do things


if you have other technology but also to pig Witkey websites or other tasks to make money, and that the above task is more than the price of a few tens of thousands, there are a few dollars, your ability to see it, if the capacity is high, a month to earn ten thousand yuan is not the problem of

!The fourth stage:

has become the Wangzhuan master

make money through the auction, such as Baidu or Google bidding bidding method to their own web site to make money, through your site’s traffic to proxy or sell other people’s products must be high profit products Oh, otherwise it is easy to lose money! Another way is to earn money.

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