GGAD was K lost faith in GG

I started in this year, the application of GGAD on their own sites, but because of my station for the customer is the webmaster, the effect is not very good, the income of the small poor

today, July, another station – free domain name registration I through a period of time after the action of IP on the basic stability in more than 200, I think the time can start to put on the GGAD, put in a few days is locked by GG account. The next is my complaint, on the Google website link the phone in the online search, others are K after contact, roughly email basically does not return back, it is like a machine back, no customer service calls, in the webmaster group ask no one know


for GG, too happy

GG is too dependent on the machine process, the Chinese there are so many invalid clicks, while in other countries is quite rare, it is not only because Chinese cheat, is Chinese compared to other people to be smart, even more than GG is smart, you GG in addition to email to a certain number of K for invalid clicks, and can not be filtered through technical means the click, you lost Chinese webmaster, because the webmaster is a vulnerable groups, your email is wrong, then for a large number of complaints basically ignore, don’t think of the reason why there are so many people to complain!


GG for invalid clicks, if you can give an objective, fair and positive degree, that I have nothing to say, but now, with your technique, such as is my malicious peer on my website click, you can estimate K me on it. Because you can’t stand without consideration long interest is you from beginning to end only for their own sake,

还有,关于点击率超过1%就危险的事,我想,除了GG,其他人真的难想通了,一个网友对一个站不关心,他不会点广告,如果一个网友对这个站很关心,很希望在这个网站上获取他需要的信息,如果放了GGAD,他就有很大的可能去点(你不是技术很牛X吗,不是在匹配网页内容吗),而且中国站长又这么聪明,谁不会放在网友最能看到的地方呀!,就拿我的说吧,我的站来路都是那搜索引擎和其他免费资源发布站链接过来的,网友为什么要点呀,因为他们需要,他们才点,(你匹配下显示的全是免费资源的广告了,)干嘛不点呢,不超1%就不行呀,我投放那会,有次超10%,我都觉得正常,难道在中国人有10%的 People use GG search is not normal? Is there 10% of the webmaster with GGAD is not normal, not to use GGAD webmaster control in the 1% is normal?

and customer service, I found that most of the webmaster to your email, you basically do not return it, I saw a webmaster he was given a month’s complaints mail, you didn’t return a letter, I sent a letter to you, at least you still care about (you can do, you don’t care about us) as an international search, it is not your style! Then I am in your.

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