Pay attention to the seven things to pay attention to

is widely known to make money, I also like this way, the reason is very simple: easy to make money, every day to see the mailbox or landing site to see if there is no investigation on the project. But some people can receive a lot of investigation, a few hundred dollars a month, some people earn less than a few dollars a month, which is why I summed up the following seven points:

1, the choice of what career?

when you sign up for a web site or do a research project, you will choose a career. A novice may not know, survey companies do not want their peers to do the investigation, so you do not choose the investigation, or advertising company, as long as you choose the investigation related to the industry, you must investigate the number received little or no. Your family can’t do it.

2, how much is your monthly income?

we all know that there is no need to fill in the real information, the company can not verify the investigation of your information, so this place as long as you do not fill out too far out of the question. But the question is, what will you do with the 1000-2000? What’s the use of purchasing power to find out what you’re doing?. So do not fill too low, I feel about 8000 monthly income is more reasonable, not less than 5000, this understanding of their own.

3, age is very important?

In almost all of the

and your company registered survey will let you fill in this. You know young people today is not what the purchasing power, when choosing to do a market survey of some big companies when the crowd is to have a certain purchasing power, if you were too small to direct it by out. Now Wangzhuan industry generally believe that the 40-60 age groups by questionnaire with high probability (a point Wangzhuan coalition did the slightest ambiguity, we refer to). It’s like selling a car to a college student.

4, you must have the right to purchase the family decision-making, which is self-evident.

5, are you a man or a woman?

now the reality is that the opportunity to do more women than men. Because in addition to a number of men and women can do the project, belonging to the group of women, such as a lot of cosmetics, these do not choose to do the male. The investigation of the exclusive male almost impossible. So take a look at the questionnaire when the name of the questionnaire, if it is related to women simply fill out the women you (even if you are a man), otherwise it will be filtered out directly.

6, pay attention to the "other" option.

there are a lot of questionnaires have this option, if you choose your living city, Beijing, Shanghai………. other, if you choose "other", basically have been screened out. This should also pay attention to the choice of city, not to choose the big city, the general survey of all operators is the number of participating in the survey the conditions of the city is.

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