Wangzhuan master talk about some phenomenon in recent years in Wangzhuan


make friends all say I am rich uncle Mao said Wangzhuan master, day to earn one hundred yuan, now the price is high, not willing to teach a novice to do wangzhuan. In fact, do not want to teach, do have their own reasons inside, use a website to promote the integration of Chinese click Wangzhuan, rich uncle Mao can be said to be the first person to do so early, earn more. I earn a lot of friends to learn more, and now very active to make friends basically know rich uncle and uncle Mao to learn, and now more than uncle Mao fu.

Wangzhuan really is a small world network is very small, although large, but people make us feel really can not find a few friends, why do all the Wangzhuan master in disguise, and do not want to make money online novice guide? Think Wangzhuan is understandable to cause the current situation, this situation is everyone should make money online common cause, not blindly blame others, we also have their own mistakes! Think before 2005, in the domestic network to make money is not very common, if you do come from that time Wangzhuan friends all know, everyone is enthusiastic, solidarity, help each other


but now, searching the forums, a few write markup Wangzhuan tutorial article, write a few articles make money online experience, there are only a few years old everywhere forwarded the old wise remark of an experienced person.

that want to join the novice network to make money very confused, can not find learning Wangzhuan place, more is the name of selling markup Wangzhuan tutorial fraud, even if there is really a tutorial in this environment no one would dare to buy! Don’t make money online novice Wangzhuan master guide is a reason, we analyze under the situation of the network to make money now:

said the first network to make money master, they have their own network project, has its own network money income from their starting point, free guidance and guidance are in charge of novice waste their time online. Because even if the charges are so little money, master Wangzhuan day thousands of yuan, do not care about the training fees, increase their own trouble free. So master Wangzhuan’t willing to waste their time making money online.

then said the network to make money since the novice, novice, more problems, but everywhere to write some problems on the network has not only to see, know, and I want to do is directly earn, I can receive how much money one day. As if someone gave him the money, who will give you the answer to this question, which is willing to teach you

Another reason is

, master to teach novice Wangzhuan network to make money, but to make money online novice if the other party is a liar, such basic suspicion would settle the willingness to help each other. Who is said to teach you liar ah.

The difference between

and the other is Wangzhuan novice master network created the situation, master the basic items of Wangzhuan network to make money are not suitable for beginners to do Wangzhuan, experience the difference make people impossible to teach you


can be seen from the above points, no wonder there are complaints, say can not find a place to learn Wangzhuan >

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