E commerce B2C online free consignment of the human sea tactics

      a free online consignment of people’s war
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  />      our e-commerce website (B2C) to recruit enough sales staff to help sales on the Internet, they can earn a profit. Online consignment process is this: to sell personnel in person or Taobao shop to showcase our goods, if someone orders goods on consignment shop staff, can be ordered with price in our shop. Our company received the payment, you can directly express the goods to the buyer’s hands. Sales agents earn the difference between the selling price and the retail price.
      what is the human sea tactics if we have 100 sales agents. There may be 50 people with high sales efficiency. If they sell a commodity one day, one month is 1500. Let us assume that 50 of these people are still less efficient than the other 20. The remaining 30 people sell one person a day, a month is the 900. We can recruit more agents to join our team to help us sell. This may be the probability of efficient members may be very low, but in our huge human sea tactics, this figure will be quite large.
      about the price difference in each region, if this is under the net sales is indeed a problem. We have statistics agency staff address, but did not give them the increase or decrease of generation price. Because in Guangzhou sales agents may also be sold to customers in Shanghai. Network is different from the network, covering a wide range, so it seems to be a big problem.
      this is what I envisioned as our initial strategy. In fact, I was also considering the recruitment of our sales staff, you can delete some of the low efficiency of the sales staff. However, I think a little bit about the human sea tactics, that is, there is no threshold to recruit enough people to help us sell goods. Whether they are efficient or not efficiency, regardless of their one month may only sell a commodity or commodity 100, but as long as there are more people to join our team, there will be more of a commodity to be sold.

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