Rapidly improve the site traffic method in detail on the article

1 station network optimization method Google I think this method is the most effective, and is the best effect, this method is especially trial of a large amount of information website, if you use the website dynamic script writing, so your information must not fully indexed by search engines. If your site is a lot of data information, then through optimization, at least every day to increase the click rate of 5-10W. Of course, the premise said, needs a large number of the existing data, unless there is a very popular key that you got the search engine first, of course, the flow is temporary, unstable, and generally very quickly by some big portal site or occupied. This method has a certain cycle.

I have for a very much information website optimization several popular keywords, including a keyword, every day actually bring me more than 6 thousand visits……

3 porn marketing method to see some sex sites in the Alexa Rankings will know, this method brings traffic. However, do porn is illegal things, of course not, but the color is hierarchical, if the public point, make some beautiful photos, beautiful, sometimes a dew point, the more popular to the mouth that. As long as the proper use of the huge flow needless to say, but also a lot of reflux. But don’t go too far. If it’s too far, the police can find you……

There are a lot of

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