Just thirteen strokes easily learn to use the blog to make money

Original title: How Make Money Your Blog to Site with

translator: Chategg

how to use the online content to make money, let (pure advertising banners, pop, Flash) disappear from your site? This paper will share with you the experience and suggestion that I introduce to you through your blog or personal website to make money the best and most effective way.

you can consider using the following means of income to fully tap your potential as a small publishing company revenue. If used properly, these channels can help you transform your site from a hobby into a competitive business.

patience and focus, you can get high quality content returns.



1) Google

for blog, information station, small content information site, Adsense is the best, can get the highest return of income sources.

Google provides Adsense services allow independent publishers, blogs, content owners released contextual text ads on the page content near the only code on the page, the advertisement display is automatically, without manual intervention.

for each ad clicks, publishers can get a small income. Google received a portion of the advertising costs as a source of profit, which was not officially disclosed. Although there may be a lot of correlation is not high advertising, to the page to add some confusion, but the webmaster can really get income.

Chategg note: many webmaster is still in doubt, Google really can pay? There have been a lot of similar alliances do not pay the painful experience.

but most publishers do not realize that it is necessary to do a good job of Adsense strategy, just put the code on the page is not enough. The content of the web site, the organization of the content, the preparation of the page code, the use of the title, the color and location of the ads, these factors greatly affect the effectiveness of advertising.

is the most important, for different types of pages and content need to adopt a different strategy, not a set of principles can be applied to all sites, the key is how to release through the system, continuous testing, experiment and optimization, to combine content and advertising. For focusing on a particular area of the blog, Adsense may bring hundreds to thousands of dollars a month income, to discuss some of the high price of the blog may even reach 5 digit income. Do not need too much investment, you can enter the market relatively quickly. I am not referring to the traditional blog, but some professional independent information sources, such as SearchEngineWatch.>

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