Select the profit model and patience to go down


website is why?? like? Perhaps early have a lot of friends in the site, are interested in the hobby of psychology, can be such a site, there are long. No matter when it comes to development, the site must face a profound problem: how to make money? How can we rely on the site to survive? How can we rely on the site to make a profit?

and I am also a web enthusiasts, when I started the site, is also of interest so adorable. But to this day, I began to think about how to rely on my landlord website profit, how to make my landlord game site for me to create value, to create revenue.

as a personal webmaster, we spend time and energy as well as most of the youth spent on our site, spent on the network, we are eligible to enjoy the benefits of the site. Because of the uniqueness of my site, is to rely on the user based gaming platform, my landlord can not rely solely on the game site Baidu or Google advertising alliance or other advertising to make money. In this case, I only choose to charge the user. I believe that landlords love game friends can also be found in the way Tencent profit, in addition to advertising on the site platform, they also rely on Recharge to get revenue. My inspiration and ideas are also obtained from.

to find their own profit goals, the next thing to do is to adhere to!

let us think with empathy, if he often on the game site suddenly to charge, I am afraid I am not willing to, or even decided not to play the game platform. So, want to rely on users to recharge gains, this is a long way, Guizaijianchi! Only stick to it, to be able to be reborn, to see a better tomorrow. Like Ma Yun said: "today is very cruel, very cruel tomorrow, the background is very good……"

only persist, will see the bright rainbow! Take pre charging mode, need only 1 users to recharge 10 users, you can shout and success! Mid time, in 10 3 of the users to recharge, can shout success! In late, there is 5 users recharge, 10 users in ha, you can smirk, can be assured of their own site began to rely on cultivating the benefits, enjoy the beautiful tomorrow……


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